Changing Careers - Some Tips

As a recruiter we are often asked questions from our family, friends and other connections on how to change their career paths.  I had a candidate call me last week and mentioned that they were a teacher and looking to move into an administrative based position.  My advice was to her, look for opportunities within the education sector as you have a solid background and knowledge within the sector, something other administrative assistants might not have.  This was something she hadn’t thought of.  My point is that there are multiple ways to change careers, but the safest option is look closer to your current position and how you make the move into something within the same industry to build your skill set up, make a sideways step rather than leaping into something completely unfamiliar.

We see a lot of candidates who are seeking to move career but are expecting the same salary that they are on in their current positions.  The salary that you are earning in your current salary is because you have the right expertise/skills for the position.  If you don’t have the skills or expertise you can not naturally demand the same salary.  An organisation needs to spend time and money training a new candidate in the required skills to be successful in the new position.  Not only does the organisation have to cover the training expenditure, how do they explain to fellow team members why a new candidate with no skills is being paid the same as a fully training and highly skilled person in the same position?  You need to have realistic wage expectation prior to considering the move, do your research and expect to take a pay cut if you don’t have the experience or skills for you move.

Other tips:

1.     Be willing to start over.... understand this could mean from the bottom

2.     Get some education.... Tafe, University, Colleges

3.     Volunteer....

4.     Frame your existing experience appropriately. ...

5.     Use non-traditional ways of finding a job....

6.     Spruce up your cover letter and LinkedIn summary....

7.     Do your research, have your facts and figures together….

8.     Give it time, it’s not going to happen overnight.

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