Total employment strengthens in May

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The labour market has bounced back following a slight softening in April, according to monthly ABS labour force figures.

Seasonally-adjusted total employment lifted by 42,000 in May to 11,759,600, boosted by a 14,700 rise in full-time jobs and a 27,300 increase in part-time roles.

The unemployment rate fell 0.2 percentage points to 6%, while the participation rate was steady at 64.7%.

Aggregate monthly hours worked increased by 2.2 million hours (0.1%) to 1.6318 billion.

(The ABS revised both the participation rate and aggregate monthly hours figures for April.)

On a trend basis, employment was up by 15,700 to 11,747,200; the unemployment rate fell less than 0.1pp to 6%; and the participation rate was flat at 64.8%. 

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