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Welcome to the new normal


Normal – conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Referencing the above definition would suggest that there is nothing normal about what we are currently experiencing. However, some of the things that are impacting on us can be referred to as “normal”:

  • A constantly changing commercial environment;
  • Different levels of COVID-19 restrictions across each of Australia’s states and territories;
  • Many business opportunities that are responded to very quickly;
  • Administrative and procedural standards have been rolled out across all industry sectors;
  • Nobody goes to work with a common head cold anymore; and
  • COVID-19 testing is now part of our social landscape.

The items listed above are now “normal” and didn’t exist 12 months ago – they are just different and require different actions to successfully navigate through them.

Many of the actions required to deal with this new normal (for individuals and businesses) can best be summarised as:

  • Connection – you need to maintain close connection with work colleagues, clients, friends and a small number of trusted news providers;
  • You must be quick to respond to challenges and opportunities. Agile is widely used to describe what successful businesses and individuals need to be, to remain successful and ahead of the game;
  • With respect to businesses, you need to ensure that you are structured to be an Agile Organisation and that may not be how you are structured currently; and
  • Communication is always the key. Clarity, Consistency and Responsibly are critical components in any challenging environment.

Now, you may be working from home, office, or a combination of both. But regardless of the working environment, these suggested actions will help you succeed in an extremely challenging environment.

So, welcome to the new normal and you can take some comfort in the reality that we are genuinely in this together.

Good luck…